Effective strategy

Automate your strategy based on your performance

Increase your revenue and save time with a strategy which automatically adapts to real-time traffic. Effortlessly boost your performance!

Make your strategy more effective with trigger and stopping conditions

Turn online platforms into a valuable asset for your restaurants:
  • Anticipate your traffic peaks and create offers and ads which are only triggered when you need them.
  • Reduce or suspend your offers and ads when your kitchens are at full capacity.
  • Choose your trigger and stopping conditions.
💡 Are you fully booked on a Saturday night? Configure a stopping condition for your offers and ads to ensure your staff aren’t overworked. 🥵

Create your scenarios with the smart scheduler

Set a sales target.
Create up to 6 promotional scenarios.
Your strategy automatically adapts to your sales in real time.
đź’ˇ Got an unexpected spike in orders?
Don’t stick with your BOGOF, reduce your offer and improve your profit margin!

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Effective strategy

Want to automate your marketing strategy?