Analyse the impact of your campaigns and maximise your profitability

Harness the power of data to make better decisions. Take control of your business for unbeatable profitability.

A clearer understanding of your performance

Keep track of your strategy at a glance:
  • Make the most of centralised analysis with a single tool and save time.
  • Identify the restaurants and channels which perform best.
  • Analyse your restaurant traffic during specific time slots.
And it’s all in real time! ⏳

Assess the profitability of each of your marketing campaigns 

Choose the indicators you want to track and tailor your analysis dashboards to your targets.
Compare your data with relevant time slots: for example, the last 4 identical time slots without an offer.
See the return on investment for each time slot.
Manage your costs and stop selling at a loss.
Adapt your strategy accordingly.
💡 Our solution includes platform commission, food costs and the cost of your marketing campaigns.

Check out our other features

Offers and ads

Create your marketing campaigns in a few clicks.

Effective strategy

Automate your strategy depending on real-time performance


Visibility and competition

Check your visibility on online platforms and keep track of competitors


Want to optimise your profitability?